Where the universe unfolds

The Gods, if they ever existed, once lived here. You can feel it in your bones. You can feel it on your skin.

On my first day I was awoken by the soft morning sun breaking through a gap in the shutters. The shaft of light shone into the room delicately warming my eyelids and calling me back to consciousness from the soundest and most complete sleep I have enjoyed most probably in years. Time seemed to be in suspension, slowed down deliberately so the speckles of dust could bathe in the dawn light, coloured inexplicably, floating in a weightless dance. It felt like magic was involved somehow. I was a guest to one of nature’s private moments, where the universe unfolds at the reach of our fingertips. Impervious.

The universe unfolds as it should

I could only hold my breath so as not to disrupt the performance and enjoy the show.

Mother and son slept on wrapped in warm embrace.

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